I first learned about Dr Sarno’s Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) research when I attended a SIRPA training course over 3 years ago. Georgie Oldfield shared the knowldege she had learned from Dr Sarnos work. Dr Sarno’s research was how you can cure chronic pain without drugs, surgery, physical therapy or alternative medicine. In the video below by Jessica Shahinian she address’s the skepticism that some may have about Sarno’s work and the mind body approach to pain treatment by highlighting recent clinical research that shows how TMS awareness can cure chronic pain, even in patients with Fibromyalgia. ALL THE RAGE by Rumur is a great documentary that showcases Dr Sarno’s work and the experience of many patients (even celebrities) suffering with pain linked to emotions who were then cured by the mind body approach.
https://bit.ly/2larxj6 Video by Jessica Shahinian
I have discovered many of my clients suffering with TMS. The difficulty I have encountered is the reluctance by people to believe that stress and emotions could possibly be triggering pain…they were also very skeptical…which hey! is Human…
Why are people so skeptical…Great Quote from Arthur Schopenhauer…
All Truth Passes through three stages;
1. Its ridiculed
2. Its violently opposed
3. It is accepted as being self evident
I found those who did their Homework and read Dr Sarno’s books then met with me occassionally GOT BETTER… and their pain reduced or went away.
TMS is real pain not imaginary but why it is triggering it is not the TISSUE but uusually the ISSUE.ie. Emotions.
I have also found that simple soft tissue FASCIAL RELEASE has a way of encouraging the person to believe in their body again and know that the BODY does heal itself but that the MIND may need a little more help. Remember to rule out any serious conditions by a Doctor before attending a TMS Practitioner.