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Neruoplasticity – Brain Exercises

There is lots of evidence to suggest that ‘exercising’ the brain works in helping our memory. Personally I read everyday and I have found my memory is far greater and indeed I feel like my brain is somehow charged up. Please see the following article for a fun way of learning to memorise. https://bit.ly/2CpeiED

What is TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome)

WHAT IS TMS (TENSION MYONEURAL SYNDROME) I first learned about Dr Sarno’s Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) research when I attended a SIRPA training course over 3 years ago. Georgie Oldfield shared the knowldege she had learned from Dr Sarnos work. Dr Sarno’s research was how you can cure chronic pain without drugs, surgery, physical therapy […]

Early Life Experiences can change DNA

A new study by Salk Institute scientists suggests an intriguing connection between nature and nurture: early childhood experiences can actually change DNA. The work lends support to studies about how childhood environments affect brain development in humans and could provide insights into neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Please see video below.. https://bit.ly/2pOuMz1

Breakthrough Study – Overcoming Chronic Pain

With rising healthcare costs across the world and opioid use at an all-time high, America and the rest of the World is in desperate need of new treatments for chronic pain. Cutting edge research by Howard Schubuiner and his team are giving us a new understanding of this condition, and shining a light on why […]

Understand Pain in 5 minutes

It is really important that WE ALL understand how pain is produced 100% of the time in the Brain.  Educating ourselves is one of the keys to well being.  It is OUR responsibily to know why we are in pain.  We need to trust our body more as it has been healing us and our […]

How to live longer

The Secret to living Longer ‘The Village Effect’ by Susan Pinker.  Susan discovered that the on the Island of Sardinia there are more that 6 times as many centenaries than the mainland and 10 times more that North America.  She set out to find out why! Its not what you expect it might be indeed […]

The Vagus Nerve

The VAGUS NERVE is the connection between the Mind and the Body… AT LAST we are finding the Biological Pathway….it is connected to the 10th Cranial Nerve in the Brain Stem and targets most of our Organs i.e it constricts airways, slows heart rate down, stimulates digestion and helps with bloodflow.  It is part of the […]

Neuroscience – Proof we can be on the same Wavelength

Neuroscience is definately catching up with what we have intuitively known that we can literally be on someones wavelength.  Uri Hasson is giving us the proof… watch in WONDERr how he explains the power of our brain.  And he gives us a word of warning about media coverage. http://bit.ly/2ddxbw5

Neural Pathways – Pain generated by the Brain

Neural Pathways and how pain is generated in our Mind.  Follow the link to your tube and watch this simple video below which explains how the nerval pathways develop and lead to chronic pain.  More and more studies are showing that chronic pain is not to do with tissue damage and abnormailites in the body […]

Expressive Writing – Journalling

Journalling is probably one of the most important things you can do in your life… Famous author James W Pennebaker PhD has written a few books in particular ‘Expressive writing – Words that Heal’. The book is written for people who are living with a trauma or emotional upheaval…It may have occurred in the distant […]