The Breath of Life Conference… Exactly what it says.  A conference not to be missed.  Below sets out what they have to offer:
The international Breath of Life Conference brings together pioneering practitioners and scientists involved in grounding breaking research and the application of body-mind therapeutic approaches. It explores key factors that organise how we function, beyond just the physical form, providing a forum and meeting place for exchanging ideas at the cutting edge of holistic health. Each speaker will give an individual presentation and a panel discussion with all the speakers will conclude the weekend.
I have recently read an interesting article in the Telegraph on DNA testing.  There is a new DNA test that can help us determine how our body responds to different foods and indeed what foods to avoid it you want to get fit.  Please see the attached interesting article for the results from a Triathelete. In the end the tester found that she instinctively knew how her body works anyway!
This is the longest study ever into the lives of over 1000 people to figure out what makes them live long happy and healthy lives.. brilliant achievement by the Harvard University.  I was not surprised by the result of this study…RELATIONSHIPS and our COMMUNITY is paramount to live a long and happy life!!
Fascia…What a topic…personally I could talk about it all day! ITs the stuff that surrounds everything in the body…the muscles, the bones, the organs(it actually double bags them), the blood and nerves sit in it and it holds us 50% upright…the other 50% is our bones…so pretty incredible.  But what happens when it gets stuck…Gil explains perfectly.
Please see this fascinating discription on Explaining Chronic Pain- The role that stress plays and the creation of learned nerve pathways by Howard Schubiner.  I have recently read his book Unlearn Your Pain.  We can really unlearn our Pain.
I HIGHLY recommend everyone watch this short video which talks about the documentary ‘All the Rage’ which is about Dr John Sarnos persistence to teach about TMS (Tension Mysosis Syndrome).  Hopefully it wont be long before this is viewable in the UK.

I am pleased to announce that I can now work with Pre and Post pregnancy women, Nursing Mothers and those women who are undergoing IVF treatment.  I have attended a course recently with the Chill Out Spa training in Liverpool where I gained my certification. Preganancy can be a difficulty time for most women and I can work with women who are 12 weeks to 38 weeks pregnant.

You only have to google all the reviews to see the benefits of massage for pregnant women.

I have recently watched an amazing video of a man suffering from Dystonia – tremors who has now been healed by a Dr Joaquin Farias’s New Technique which IS A NATURAL THERAPY BASED ON CUTTING EDGE RESEARCH IN NEUROSCIENCE. Please watch in amazement how the treatment rewires his brain.

Dystonia. Rewiring the brain through movement and dance | Federico Bitti | TEDxNapoli

I have recently watched some fantastic videos ( see link below) which is a very interesting approach to understanding our amazing bodies.  Please try and watch all 8 parts and you will be astonished by YOUR OWN BODY!! we really are extraordinary beings!!

The Bodytalk System – Part 1 – What is BodyTalk?